Aggregate materials are essential in most construction projects. Candle Lake & Gravel has a variety of solutions for discovery, evaluation, development, and supply of aggregates and materials for the northern Saskatchewan markets.

From foundations to driveways, you can rely on us to provide quality products that can be used for a variety of projects. Whether you’re a contractor or in need of materials to complete a DIY project, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

candle lake sand and gravel aggregates

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Our Selection

Crushed Gravel

Base Gravel: Great for locations where compaction is needed; such as build-up areas in yards or overlays on roads.

Traffic Gravel: Utilized on driveways and roads. Great for the last layer in a yard site.

Seal Gravel: A mixture of graded aggregate and high float emulsion is used as a protective layer on the surface of bound and unbound roads.

Screened Gravel

Used for farmyards and inside Quonsets. It is of lower quality than a crushed gravel. It does not compact—making it a low-cost product for building up an area.

Crushed Rock

Commonly used for decorative landscaping, driveways, or in combination with sand cement. It is nearly mudless and does not cause dust.

Pea Rock

This type of non-packing material is perfect for flat roofs, decorative landscaping, and gardens.

Pit Run

A raw product used for filling holes in basements, or creating bin pads. A great option for building up an area, but not recommended for driving on.

Crusher Dust

A versatile product for use on driveways, walkways, running tracks, inside Quonsets, and around the yard. 

Natural Fines

A shock-absorbing material used to backfill utility pipes and trenches, and to construct patios, volleyball courts, sandboxes, and more! It can even be used for containing floodwaters.


Used as a top layer in landscaping or for gardening this product is perfect for helping seeds germinate.

Here are a few more products we specialize in, including:

  • Sand gravel
  • Road
  • ⅜” minus
  • Crush rock
  • Black dirt
  • Pit run
  • Crusher dust
  • Sand
  • Clay & fill dirt
  • Rip rap rock, landscaping rocks
  • And more!